Loan for new roof

Would you like to take out a low-interest loan for your new roof? Publicly funded loan or a low-interest alternative?

Take your time with your decision and get a first overview. We present you with possible credit options. It starts with Astro Finance credit, leads to regular loans and ends with credit options with a slightly weaker credit rating.

Loan for a new roof – public loan support

Loan for a new roof - public loan support

For some time now, the Federal Government has been committed to energy-efficient renovation of living space. Gigantic CO2 reductions are to be achieved through energy savings in buildings. The loan for a new roof fits perfectly into the requirement profile for energy saving. Residential houses lose a large part of the heating energy through roofs and windows.

So what could be more obvious if the roof is to be replaced anyway, while at the same time pushing through the Federal Government’s energy saving targets. Instead of just shining in the cold shine of new tiles, the roof could also be provided with roof insulation. The additional costs are offset by the offer of financing at an effective annual interest rate of 0.75 percent. The rate lock protects against rising future interest rates, because even the longest low interest rate phase can end.

The loan for a new roof could be financed over a 10-year fixed interest rate. Subsequent financing is then guaranteed up to a total term of up to 30 years. Astro Finance can also meet the needs of clients with repaid repayments on request. A redemption-free start-up period of one year up to a maximum of five years should be agreed.

More than just low interest rates – Astro Finance loan for the roof

More than just low interest rates - Astro Finance loan for the roof

Astro Finance supports individual measures, such as the energetic renovation of the roof, with the loan program 151/152 with up to 50,000 USD in credit. However, the loan volume does not refer to the house itself, but is measured per residential unit. Approved promotional loans can be called up either in total or in partial amounts. Only after a year has elapsed will Astro Finance charge a commitment fee of 0.25 percent per month for funds that have not been drawn.

In addition to the low interest rates and purpose-oriented payment and repayment conditions, the publicly funded loan can also score points for a new roof. Depending on the achievement of which of the specified energy standards, Astro Finance supports the project with repayment grants. Up to 27.5 percent of the loan amount can be saved per living unit. The subsidy for privately used residential property (program 430) could even be up to 30,000 USD.

However, the applicant has to accept a bit of red tape when applying for a loan. So an approved energy consultant would have to support him. Direct loan application is also not provided. The application process goes through commercial banks. The painstaking burden of proof could become a thorn in the side of do-it-yourselfers. The credit program is designed to be carried out by construction companies.

Loan without land register – renew roof without Astro Finance

Loan without land register - renew roof without Astro Finance

It does not always make sense to take out a public development loan. Above all, the high bureaucracy speaks against the financing. For smaller projects, it is often difficult to find a suitable correspondent bank. This partner bank remains mandatory for the application and loan processing of the Astro Finance loan. In fact, access to public development loans is blocked for the small loan around the roof.

The solution is the loan for a new roof directly from a commercial bank and without Astro Finance. Suitable loan offers are advertised as modernization loans or renovation loans without a land register. The waiver of credit protection in the land register saves the borrower the additional costs of ordering the land charge and a lot of bureaucracy. Nevertheless, the interest rate does not rise unmanageably due to the lack of land register security.

Current loan offers for investing in a new roof would have to be settled around the interest rate of 2 percent effective annual interest. Another advantage of this financing option for the classic handyman is that no separate evidence of energy savings has to be submitted to the bank. The unnecessary energy consultant, which costs expensive money and often just parrots the advertising on the installation instructions, is saved.


Free loan comparisons and many house banks offer easy access to credit for the new roof. It could also be interesting to have a loan offer drawn up by a well-known credit broker.

Loan for the new roof – refinancing

Loan for the new roof - refinancing

The loan for a new roof is usually not a loan request that could fail due to poor creditworthiness. After the first difficult phase, the investment in property always pays off with an increase in creditworthiness. Only after fresh debts have been incurred, for example through the purchase of real estate, does the credit rating drop. Many buyers exhaust their credit line by buying the property.

Nevertheless, credit for a new roof can of course not be delayed indefinitely so that it is repaid. Defective roofs destroy the underlying structure within a relatively short time. It is not always possible to obtain an additional loan in spite of an excessive credit rating using the normal system of regular bank credit. Cream bank is an ideal starting point for refinancing necessary roof work.

The credit portal has a very serious reputation for brokering loans. Cream bank, the free brokerage of bank credit, combines credit comparison and credit brokerage from private to private on one portal. If the required loan for a new roof would not be financed by banks, at least private donors offer fair financing prospects.