Cheap Credit: How To Get A Loan With Lower Interest Rates?

Cheap credit is one of the best ways to escape from big future problems, once you are becoming rumored, imagine that you pay dearly for that.   There are two lines of thought when or subject and cheap credit: what are the modalities and what should be followed. But earlier, we knew more about or specific credit.  

Or the cheap revenue Can Be Understood by a loan that had the taxis of interest more possible cheap, varying According to the modality of borrowing.  


Types of cheap loan  

cheap loan

There are several ways to get cheap credit. I do not intend, before mentioning them, and it is relevant to note that, or a loan, it should be the last two resources to be used in administrations of finances.  

There are some ways to get cheap loans, among them:  

  • Loan or bank credit in banks;
  • Consigned credit (non-salary based);
  • Pledge of goods (real estate, cars, jewelry);
  • Anticipation of income tax refunds;   
  • Anticipation of the 13th salary.


Borrowing Staff  

Or borrowing staff or credit staff has the basis to look for loans in financial institutions, and they:  

  • Public banks;
  • Private banks;
  • Financial;
  • Credit Cooperatives


The escorts between banks and personal credit

The escorts between banks and personal credit

When his or her unique loan option and banks in stick up less interest rates. Generally, public banks will usually have more lines of cheap credit and grant the lowest rates to their affiliates. Therefore, ask for a loan in some cheap bank must have one in that institution account and pass a credit analysis by. So public banks in you already had you account, easy one more line it becomes getting credit.  

Once you are two hundred of your expenses, you will keep an analysis of your financial situation, it will be simple to give you a cheap credit line, which will offer minor swearing. However, in case it is not approved by public banks, it exists at the option of private banks. As well as public banks, private banks also demanded that you have an account so that you can release this credit. For this reason, I tend to lower taxes.  

On the positive side, two private banks have been constantly counting, consequently, they have a manager who is in charge of their financial movements and payment terms. Well, it’s easier to get lesser jurors.  

Consigned Credit  

It is a better way to get a loan because the plots will be debited from your salary. Therefore, the banks keep a lower interest rate, once the return of the company has been assembled.  

Pledge of property  

One of the cheap credit modalities, also counting a good financial return. This is because or will have already made bank to analyze two assets available and you swear to be based on realization in question.  

In pledge of goods, it is possible to use:

  • Vehicles;  
  • Properties;  
  • Jewels;
  • Other financial objects of value.

Thus, serving as a safe deposit for banks.

The institution will be able to make a loan or a loan of credit, in view that no payment of money will cause or collection of these goods.  

Advance to Income Tax Refund  

Returned to or paid to be debited through the account of what is being paid, not the moment that refund of the Taxation of Income (IR) takes place, at the same time and debited.  

Therefore, this modality shows a guarantee to the banks that payment will be received. For this reason, causing that are presented rate of lesser jurors.  

Or the only problem is that there should be no inconsistencies in your income tax return, once this will result in a deposit (by IR) less than or expected value or even a deposit of amount.  

Anticipation of the 13th salary  

You request or borrows by anticipating the 13th salary, but with caution, given that the bank will not tolerate arrears of third parties.

As an example, we have no arrears from the depositor, bank or bank, and will be able to charge new fees.

This type of credit must be endorsed, as its own thirteenth time at a time of expenses, or natal. Therefore, opening more of that salary must be accompanied by prudence.  


Tips on cheap credit  

cheap credit

It is important to detail the details of each transaction made such as cheap credit not exceeding. For this reason, trust some tips to conquer this credit:  

  • Check out Total Effective Cost (CET) that is just or total value that will be paid by you, all taxes and taxes collected are included;
  • At the time of payment, you may be able to make your loan quite expensive, even thinking of the need for unwanted debt;  
  • Of course we impose: in these modalities of cheap credit, and it is important to highlight the collection of taxes, one of them or IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), which is charged on the qualifying transaction finance, shaking at the value of the loan;  
  • For what you need from money and found no way out other than borrowed staff, or ideal and negotiate interest and research rate in various banks and finance.

Make this before signing a contract, especially online, just as guarantee or cheap credit. It is necessary to reinforce that financial education is essential to avoid the need to contract lives.